Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Lilac Towels

First and foremost - I hope you all had a very happy Towel Day! I spotted a fair few towels around town, but didn't see any other girls carrying one... I can't be the only female Hitchhiker in London, can I?
I particularly appreciated the comedy moment watching a few boys who were clearly less than comfortable with their inner geek as they were trying to hide their towels in bags as they left the Sci-fi haven that is Forbidden Planet. Personally, I do not fear the mocking of the ignorant (because I can flick them away with my towel), and besides, I had carefully chosen my towel to match my new handbag and carried it with pride.

Fans of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series (and specifically Night Watch) will be aware that it is also the anniversary of The Glorious Revolution of the twenty-fifth of May (Truth! Justice! Freedom! Reasonably Priced Love! and A Hard Boiled Egg!). I wonder if this is a coincidence, or did Pratchett choose this date to commemorate his friend? Night Watch was published in 2002, not long after Adam's death & the first Towel Day in 2001... I don't know enough about publishing schedules to guess at when he would of had to submit his final draft of the novel. Any one know?

Anywho, I carried a towel... I wore some Lilac in my hair (which clashed horribly with my towel... next year, a lilac towel). And I released a shed load of Terry Pratchett books around London. They all had bookmarks and leaflets with info about The Alzheimers Research Trust in them - Pratchett has been a patron of this wonderful charity since his diagnosis in  2007 - and it's a cause close to my heart as both my Grandma & Nan suffer from this horrible disease. I had a lovely day wandering around sunny London... it's so rare that I actually appreciate this city of mine... stopped off for lunch with the boy (his towel was black, because he thinks he's a rebel) and generally de-stressing
Very needful as today I have to attend a Bullshit Equality & Diversity workshop, which will no doubt return me to my usual cynical and sarcastic state.
Yours in anticipation...


  1. Gotta catch :)

  2. That bit about the Bullshit ummm I mean Equality and Diversity workshop had me LOL.