Monday, 12 April 2010

Theemutsen wrap it up

Well... the final scores from our big online game of Bookcrossing Monopoly are in... My team 'Theemutsen' has come in second place. So near, and yet so far...
Still, we had a great time, and got more 'bonus ballys' (extra points awarded for originality) than any other team, so we were clearly doing something right!
 A few highlights...
 - Leaving a copy of Harry Potter on platform 9 3/4 (which got picked up and taken to Texas)
 - Being told off for taking photos in Asda (it's apparently illegal. Wha?)
 - One of my team-mates books being caught, re-released and caught again, all in one day
 - Watching 3 (3!!) members of security trying to asses how dangerous the 'Free book' I left at The Transport Museum was (I'm clearly quite the bookcrossing trouble-maker...)
 - Hearing back from a book which I left in London that somehow swam to New Zealand in a month!
 - Being completely out-done by a dutch bookcrosser in the fashion stakes: I wore thematic shoes for my release, she wore thematic lingerie for hers
 - One of my team-mates leaving a book on top of a GIANT sculpture, with a sign hanging off saying to Pull (then duck) for a free book

And of course getting to know my teammates, Talamasca & LenaLena... two great Dutch bookcrossers almost as obsessed with tea as I am. It sucks that I can't make it to the Amsterdam convention to raise a teapot with them (bloody work).

And I'm not at all bitter about coming 2nd.
Absolutely not.

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