Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A Tale of Tails

Sockie bunnies are always popular, and here's two more to prove it.

Pickle (the pink & red one) belongs to a little girl called Lily (Get it? Pickle...Lily... truly, I am a comedic genius) and is my first attempt at a jointed sockie. By which I mean her legs are buttoned on so move freely on the hip. To be honest, they move somewhat too freely, they wont hold a position, which is a shame. I'm looking into the possibility of doing 'properly' jointed limbs, like you get on really nice teddy bears - I'm not sure if it'll work with Sockies, as the sock fabric is (obviously) stretchy, but it's on my list of stuff to try out. That's not to say it'll happen soon, as I am one of human kinds finest procrastinators, but it's on the list.  
Pickle has a new kind of tail too... not something that all socks will lend themselves too but this pair had funky wave-topped cuffs that just begged me to play with them. As much as I loved the effect, I think mostly I'm gonna have to stick with old skool sock-string pom pom, or button tails (as seen on Rowan & Betty) as they are much less sock dependant
It all seems to be about the tails at the minute, doesn't it?

This is Rowan, showing off his retro stylee pom pom tail. Although it must be admitted it was not so retro when Rowan stylee-ed it, as he was the first Rabbit to pomp his tail. Rowan belongs to a guy called Richard who builds robots, and is therefore officially one of the coolest people I know. Rowan is a Pirate-Scientist in training, and therefore officially one of the coolest Sockies I know. So, between them, their apartment is like a freezer (full of Mars Icecream).
And this is Betty, displaying her button tail. The button tail is a personal favourite of mine. But then, I have a massive button fetish, I love the things, so that's not surprising really. Betty lives on a Army base in Texas, where she out strips me on the job front because the Tanks she plays with aren't made of plastic.

Anyway, back onto my new bunnies - I'll leave you to work out through process of elimination which Rabbit is Cheese (again with the uber-comedy. My wit astounds me sometimes). Cheese belongs to Lily's sister Flo. She (Cheese, not Flo) looked a bit Donnie Darko - opps - which hopefully I rectified by changing the shape of the ears and neck, and making her grin a bit dopey lookin'

Anyway, I've talked enough rubbish at you for now, off to bug my colleagues instead
Ta ra

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  1. Lovely bunnies - just do please keep them safe and away from dogs (my neice's rabbit - flesh and blood kind - recently met a sad fate due to the family's predatory canine. My own dog will eat any soft toys left within reach: luckily none of my various softies are afraid of heights so don't mind living at high-shelf altitude