Thursday, 15 April 2010

mon·key [mŭng'kē] noun.

I just couldn't resist these socks... I mean, they have pictures of sock monkeys* on them: Superb.
This is Simon. He now lives in Delhi with Prachi - she is my Bookcrossing Birthday Buddy and so I shipped him over to her along with a couple of books and a few other birthday treats. I wasn't sure if I could trust Simon not to eat the candy I put in the box with him, but it seems he was well behaved (for once). A top tip if you ever bump into Simon: he is very cheeky, with a penchant for practical jokes and general naughtiness - but he can be bribed into good behaviour with his favourite food: jam sandwiches. Raspberry jam is best because it keeps him busy and out of harms way: he spends the next few hours picking the seeds out of his teeth.

This is the only other monkey I've made (so far, anyway) - Miss Ooky.
I'm sure you can work out from the photo which one is made of socks - the other one is Charlotte Joan- they live together in Texas.  I met Princess CJs mum through Bookcrossing too - she  was trying to make a sock monkey while she was pregnant but not having any luck (she is a champion knitter though, so we do craft swaps as my knitting blows). Anyway, I made Miss Ooky for  her and she knitted me what I assumed was a mobile phone caddy. Turns out it was meant for hanging in the shower to put your soap in. Apparently my mistake was blamed on my being a 'wacky Londoner.' Yup.
Anyway, Princess CJ is nearly two now and I'm told still plays with Miss Ooky. It's soppy (not soapy), I know, but that really makes me smile :)

* Apparently you pluralise monkey without doing all that drop the y add i e business. English is so bloody irregular. 


  1. Super-cute!

    Oh and I have a monkey-related suggestion... a monkey in shoes, perhaps...?