Monday, 12 April 2010

Liberate the Literature

Spring is sprung! Or at least it was, for a bit (this is England after all, so now it's raining again). Ho Hmm.
Given even a vague hint of sun I head off to the park to sit reading & eating cheesecake, and thought I'd combine this addiction (the park - not the cheesecake) with my book-fairy ways... so created this little line up of wild books on Friday evening in Lincoln's Inn Fields.
I got quite a bit of attention setting it up - which in turn drew the eye of the park-keeper. Oh dear. I'm still not entirely sure why, but he seemed to feel that I was 'making trouble' and wanted me to take it down. But my adoring fans (No? Really? oh.) protested and under pressure he agreed to allow me to keep the line up for half an hour (provided I took everything away once I was done. Which I had already said I intended to do anyway). Generous of him, Huh? I guess the guy was only trying to do his job, and I'm sure he sees plenty of people who are really making problems, but he was quite rude and a massive Jobsworth. 
Still, for that half an hour it was pretty cool... people walking past seemed really interested, most of them stopped to look or ask me questions. A lot seemed to think it was actually an advertising or promotion stunt of some kind, but I explained I was just giving away books I'd finished with, and directed a fair few people towards the Bookcrossing site, people seemed really interested in the idea. And best of all, after my half hour was up, only 7 books were left. That's nearly 30 books re-homed. 
Rock on.


  1. Fantastic!
    Congratulations for getting rid of all those books in one fell-swoop. Pity the park-keeper didn't get the idea.

  2. Wow. That is wonderful. Very inspiring.
    I have been challenged to release a book (or more) in a "joyfull and festive way".... this looks like a good example to start with. Maybe add a few balloons.
    BTW, love your sockies!

  3. Woop Woop - catches:

  4. Very clever and very interesting!

    Initially, before I looked at the photo, I thought you meant you'd attached each book to a single piece of line and hung them vertically from a tree, rather than horizontally, like you did, in a washing-line kind-of way.

    What I did think of and thought would be cool would be to attach the books to a plant or tree to give the impression they are the tree's "fruit" if you see what I mean.

    Very good idea you've had there, and sparked my own thoughts on doing something similar here. Thanks! ;-)


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