Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Here's one I made earlier...

Tomorrow is my Bookcrossing Birthday - it'll be two years since the madness began and my life was taken over by Ballycumber stickers. I've been saving up a little treat to celebrate: I have two little Sockies who have, through no fault of their own, found themselves homeless. Now, given how popular Sockies have proved amongst the BC community, I thought I'd raffle them off to other BC-ers as a kind of Birthday-present-in-reverse.
So, if your a bookcrosser and you want a to enter the raffle, go to this forum thread & post your choice of Sockie. If your not a BC member, go here to join (and, hey, why not put me - Vekiki - as your referring member?).

This is Iggle. Iggle is really good with children, he loves to babysit and indulges kids in imaginary games, chasing around and being very silly. In fact, he can be rather hyper-active and a bit of a handful - blame the ADHD - but really goodhearted. His lively nature and penchant for games will tire out even the most stubborn toddler (or insomniac for that matter). Iggle never sits still, except to watch 'In the Night Garden' - which is his favourite show because the hero has the same name as him. Do you think you could cope with this high-octane little foot-ful (see what I did there? He's made of socks, so instead of being a handful... oh. sorry.)

This is Mike. Mike used to be a member of the BNP, but a couple of years ago he got done for GHB and made to go to Anger Management. Through these sessions, Mike found himself and came out of the closet. He is now quite commonly found out & about around Soho where he runs a popular drag-show. As you can see from his sparkly nipple tassels (it was a compromise - he wanted a sequined man-thong, but I refused to make him one), he is now beginning to break the burlesque scene too.
Given Mike's quite startling change of direction, it's unsurprising that his old friends from the BNP no loner speak to him (except the threats, of course!) - Do you want to give him a new home and help him in his new life?

Edit to add: Well, I had far more BCers enter for this than I expected, but my boss picked 2 names out of the hat: Bagmaker and Yorkshire-lass! Congratulations guys, and thank you every one for the lovely Bookiversary wishes. Particular thanks to Releanna for the gift of a months Members Plus privileges on the BC site - very much appreciated
Here's to another year setting bally free
Noods xx

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