Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A Tale of Tails

Sockie bunnies are always popular, and here's two more to prove it.

Pickle (the pink & red one) belongs to a little girl called Lily (Get it? Pickle...Lily... truly, I am a comedic genius) and is my first attempt at a jointed sockie. By which I mean her legs are buttoned on so move freely on the hip. To be honest, they move somewhat too freely, they wont hold a position, which is a shame. I'm looking into the possibility of doing 'properly' jointed limbs, like you get on really nice teddy bears - I'm not sure if it'll work with Sockies, as the sock fabric is (obviously) stretchy, but it's on my list of stuff to try out. That's not to say it'll happen soon, as I am one of human kinds finest procrastinators, but it's on the list.  
Pickle has a new kind of tail too... not something that all socks will lend themselves too but this pair had funky wave-topped cuffs that just begged me to play with them. As much as I loved the effect, I think mostly I'm gonna have to stick with old skool sock-string pom pom, or button tails (as seen on Rowan & Betty) as they are much less sock dependant
It all seems to be about the tails at the minute, doesn't it?

This is Rowan, showing off his retro stylee pom pom tail. Although it must be admitted it was not so retro when Rowan stylee-ed it, as he was the first Rabbit to pomp his tail. Rowan belongs to a guy called Richard who builds robots, and is therefore officially one of the coolest people I know. Rowan is a Pirate-Scientist in training, and therefore officially one of the coolest Sockies I know. So, between them, their apartment is like a freezer (full of Mars Icecream).
And this is Betty, displaying her button tail. The button tail is a personal favourite of mine. But then, I have a massive button fetish, I love the things, so that's not surprising really. Betty lives on a Army base in Texas, where she out strips me on the job front because the Tanks she plays with aren't made of plastic.

Anyway, back onto my new bunnies - I'll leave you to work out through process of elimination which Rabbit is Cheese (again with the uber-comedy. My wit astounds me sometimes). Cheese belongs to Lily's sister Flo. She (Cheese, not Flo) looked a bit Donnie Darko - opps - which hopefully I rectified by changing the shape of the ears and neck, and making her grin a bit dopey lookin'

Anyway, I've talked enough rubbish at you for now, off to bug my colleagues instead
Ta ra

Monday, 26 April 2010


This is Katie-Coral, (she is mostly called just Katie by her friends). She is a very creative little pig, who loves colouring-in, or sticking n glueing - she likes to make pictures of her favourite TV characters (Charlie & Lola, or Miss Piggy. Not Piglet, he is far too wet.). The glueing isn't so easy with her tiny little trotters, but Katie is a determined little thing, she uses her snout to push things into place.
Oh... and Katie is very proud of her tail. Its allll curly

Lamb: How about "Pig Supreme"?
Charlotte: It sounds like a rich dessert.
Goose: How about terrific, terrific, terrific?
Charlotte: Cut that down to one terrific and it will do nicely.
Wilbur: But Charlotte, I'm not terrific.
Charlotte: You're terrific as far as I am concerned. 


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Here's one I made earlier...

Tomorrow is my Bookcrossing Birthday - it'll be two years since the madness began and my life was taken over by Ballycumber stickers. I've been saving up a little treat to celebrate: I have two little Sockies who have, through no fault of their own, found themselves homeless. Now, given how popular Sockies have proved amongst the BC community, I thought I'd raffle them off to other BC-ers as a kind of Birthday-present-in-reverse.
So, if your a bookcrosser and you want a to enter the raffle, go to this forum thread & post your choice of Sockie. If your not a BC member, go here to join (and, hey, why not put me - Vekiki - as your referring member?).

This is Iggle. Iggle is really good with children, he loves to babysit and indulges kids in imaginary games, chasing around and being very silly. In fact, he can be rather hyper-active and a bit of a handful - blame the ADHD - but really goodhearted. His lively nature and penchant for games will tire out even the most stubborn toddler (or insomniac for that matter). Iggle never sits still, except to watch 'In the Night Garden' - which is his favourite show because the hero has the same name as him. Do you think you could cope with this high-octane little foot-ful (see what I did there? He's made of socks, so instead of being a handful... oh. sorry.)

This is Mike. Mike used to be a member of the BNP, but a couple of years ago he got done for GHB and made to go to Anger Management. Through these sessions, Mike found himself and came out of the closet. He is now quite commonly found out & about around Soho where he runs a popular drag-show. As you can see from his sparkly nipple tassels (it was a compromise - he wanted a sequined man-thong, but I refused to make him one), he is now beginning to break the burlesque scene too.
Given Mike's quite startling change of direction, it's unsurprising that his old friends from the BNP no loner speak to him (except the threats, of course!) - Do you want to give him a new home and help him in his new life?

Edit to add: Well, I had far more BCers enter for this than I expected, but my boss picked 2 names out of the hat: Bagmaker and Yorkshire-lass! Congratulations guys, and thank you every one for the lovely Bookiversary wishes. Particular thanks to Releanna for the gift of a months Members Plus privileges on the BC site - very much appreciated
Here's to another year setting bally free
Noods xx

Thursday, 15 April 2010

mon·key [mŭng'kē] noun.

I just couldn't resist these socks... I mean, they have pictures of sock monkeys* on them: Superb.
This is Simon. He now lives in Delhi with Prachi - she is my Bookcrossing Birthday Buddy and so I shipped him over to her along with a couple of books and a few other birthday treats. I wasn't sure if I could trust Simon not to eat the candy I put in the box with him, but it seems he was well behaved (for once). A top tip if you ever bump into Simon: he is very cheeky, with a penchant for practical jokes and general naughtiness - but he can be bribed into good behaviour with his favourite food: jam sandwiches. Raspberry jam is best because it keeps him busy and out of harms way: he spends the next few hours picking the seeds out of his teeth.

This is the only other monkey I've made (so far, anyway) - Miss Ooky.
I'm sure you can work out from the photo which one is made of socks - the other one is Charlotte Joan- they live together in Texas.  I met Princess CJs mum through Bookcrossing too - she  was trying to make a sock monkey while she was pregnant but not having any luck (she is a champion knitter though, so we do craft swaps as my knitting blows). Anyway, I made Miss Ooky for  her and she knitted me what I assumed was a mobile phone caddy. Turns out it was meant for hanging in the shower to put your soap in. Apparently my mistake was blamed on my being a 'wacky Londoner.' Yup.
Anyway, Princess CJ is nearly two now and I'm told still plays with Miss Ooky. It's soppy (not soapy), I know, but that really makes me smile :)

* Apparently you pluralise monkey without doing all that drop the y add i e business. English is so bloody irregular. 

Monday, 12 April 2010

Theemutsen wrap it up

Well... the final scores from our big online game of Bookcrossing Monopoly are in... My team 'Theemutsen' has come in second place. So near, and yet so far...
Still, we had a great time, and got more 'bonus ballys' (extra points awarded for originality) than any other team, so we were clearly doing something right!
 A few highlights...
 - Leaving a copy of Harry Potter on platform 9 3/4 (which got picked up and taken to Texas)
 - Being told off for taking photos in Asda (it's apparently illegal. Wha?)
 - One of my team-mates books being caught, re-released and caught again, all in one day
 - Watching 3 (3!!) members of security trying to asses how dangerous the 'Free book' I left at The Transport Museum was (I'm clearly quite the bookcrossing trouble-maker...)
 - Hearing back from a book which I left in London that somehow swam to New Zealand in a month!
 - Being completely out-done by a dutch bookcrosser in the fashion stakes: I wore thematic shoes for my release, she wore thematic lingerie for hers
 - One of my team-mates leaving a book on top of a GIANT sculpture, with a sign hanging off saying to Pull (then duck) for a free book

And of course getting to know my teammates, Talamasca & LenaLena... two great Dutch bookcrossers almost as obsessed with tea as I am. It sucks that I can't make it to the Amsterdam convention to raise a teapot with them (bloody work).

And I'm not at all bitter about coming 2nd.
Absolutely not.

Liberate the Literature

Spring is sprung! Or at least it was, for a bit (this is England after all, so now it's raining again). Ho Hmm.
Given even a vague hint of sun I head off to the park to sit reading & eating cheesecake, and thought I'd combine this addiction (the park - not the cheesecake) with my book-fairy ways... so created this little line up of wild books on Friday evening in Lincoln's Inn Fields.
I got quite a bit of attention setting it up - which in turn drew the eye of the park-keeper. Oh dear. I'm still not entirely sure why, but he seemed to feel that I was 'making trouble' and wanted me to take it down. But my adoring fans (No? Really? oh.) protested and under pressure he agreed to allow me to keep the line up for half an hour (provided I took everything away once I was done. Which I had already said I intended to do anyway). Generous of him, Huh? I guess the guy was only trying to do his job, and I'm sure he sees plenty of people who are really making problems, but he was quite rude and a massive Jobsworth. 
Still, for that half an hour it was pretty cool... people walking past seemed really interested, most of them stopped to look or ask me questions. A lot seemed to think it was actually an advertising or promotion stunt of some kind, but I explained I was just giving away books I'd finished with, and directed a fair few people towards the Bookcrossing site, people seemed really interested in the idea. And best of all, after my half hour was up, only 7 books were left. That's nearly 30 books re-homed. 
Rock on.